Loyal Customers Save!

Hi guys! I'm not sure if you're all aware of this and if you're like me it's important to save hard-earned money! So I'm sharing it here:

Once you have a model of your teeth on file with us, and as long as you haven't had any major dental work done, we can make your next custom mouthguard starting at only $66!

Here's an example:

We have confirmed your model is here, it's in usable condition, and you haven't had any major dental work done since that model was created. You want a new custom mouthguard in one solid color, with your sponsor's logo across the front of the guard. Price for the new design = $66.

More colors and more detailed designs are an extra charge, but just remember that the cost starts at $66.

Pretty cool, eh? We though so too!

If you have any questions about ordering you can always reach us on the website and our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Please note that we see a lot of mouths here and not all models will be kept on file. This could be due to the length of time without any correspondence from the athlete, the condition of the original model, etc.

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